Reimagining Patient Experience

The Indian healthcare industry has arguably seen the greatest paradigm change than any industry post-Covid. From having to pause elective surgeries to facing acute shortages of equipment and hospital beds, the pandemic has caused healthcare to change nearly everything about how it operates and designs patient experiences.

This article is the need of the hour for hospitals looking to adapt and evolve with the patient’s expectations. It showcases the examples of successful hospitals that have gone to great lengths to make the “patient experience” a priority.

10 Incredible Benefits of Digital Patient Feedback System

As per a 2019 survey by Ernst & Young, 59% of patients felt that hospitals had no concern for patient feedback. To fight this perception, hospitals should regularly collect and analyze patient feedback.

In the post COVID-19 world, people have embraced digitization much more than before. Hospitals can take advantage of this behavioral shift by setting up a digital patient feedback system to listen to the voice of patients.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys: An Explainer with Sample Questions

A patient satisfaction survey is more useful when it has the right questions. Also, a patient satisfaction survey should not include more than 10 questions. Because too many questions in a patient feedback form affect the quality of responses.

Here are the key aspects, which hospitals should aim to cover in a patient satisfaction survey. For each of the categories, there are a few important questions that you can add to your hospital’s patient satisfaction survey.