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Powering Long-Lasting Patient Provider Relationships

A good patient relationship management (PRM) system helps care providers communicate with their patients more effectively, automates patient-centric workflows, reduces administrative costs, and increases patient satisfaction. A PRM combines multiple patient-facing solutions to provide a holistic patient management system for administrators and a superior experience for patients.

BestDoc Practice is an Intelligent Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution that takes care of the entire patient journey and transforms the care delivery model.

Our PRM streamlines and automates effective communication with patients and facilitates better patient relationships. It delights clinicians and aids in well-defined workflow automation.

Benefits of BestDoc Patient Relationship Management

Fostering a Patient-Centered Approach to HealthCare


Provide Timely, High-Quality Care

Eliminate administrative hassles from the care journey and simplify access to care for patients. Automating administrative tasks improves the speed and quality of care delivery, leading to a much superior patient experience.


Reduce Administration Costs

Get real cost savings by reducing your front-office and other administrative costs both in OPD and IPD. Deploy the time and resources saved towards patient-centric activities.


Empower Your Patients

Offer multiple channels for patient communication across the care journey. Giving patients the choice to communicate from their preferred channel gives a major boost to patient engagement.


Improve Your Care Quality with Intelligent Analytics

Get complete visibility of key administrative metrics across the care journey. BestDoc PRM’s intelligent and intuitive dashboards enable timely access to key information, facilitating smart, data-driven decisions.

Key Features of our Patient Relationship Management System

Everything you need to manage and nurture patient relationships

Appointment Scheduling

Provide your patients with a highly convenient, 24/7 scheduling experience through a channel of their choice. Reduce the workload of your front office staff and increase the share of footfalls through digital channels.

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Registration and Check-Ins

Create a paper-free registration and check-in experience to provide massive time savings to patients. Eliminate data entry errors and reduce no-shows with timely, automated reminders.

Queue Management

Manage patient flow seamlessly and reduce patient anxiety in queues. Lower the stress levels of staff in managing crowded areas and use wait-time analytics for better planning of resources.

patient queue management
patient feedback collection

Feedback Collection

Collect feedback from multiple digital channels and leverage the power of analytics to understand gaps in care delivery. Customise questionnaires to suit your quality improvement goals and language preferences of your patients.

Payment Integration

Provide app-based or link-based payment options for both OP and IP payments. Reduce patient wait times for payments and overcome shortages of payment collection staff.

hospital payment software
In-Patient experience

In-Patient Experience Management

Deliver a top-notch in-patient experience by giving patients multiple options to raise administrative service requests. Save time spent by nurses on non-clinical chores and enable them to provide better care.

Building Blocks of BestDoc PRM

Build your own patient management system seamlessly with easy integration with your HIS.

Omni-channel patient feedback tool for review and NPS boost

Unified room + service ticket management app for patients & operations staff

Why BestDoc Patient Relationship Management?

Fully Integrated Patient Relationship Management

  • Single platform for all patient-centric workflows
  • Eliminates the need for integrating multiple standalone solutions for individual workflows
  • Easily integrates with HIS and ensures smooth flow of patient data.

Supports Multi-Channel Communication

  • Channels covered: SMS, Whatsapp, Emails, voice calls, IVR, Website, Mobile app, QR code
  • Platforms supported: Web, Android, and iOS

Provides Multi-Language Support

  • Personalise communication in patients’ preferred languages
  • Choose from multiple languages to drive engagement 

Cloud-hosted, Flexible and Scalable

  • Fast and cost-effective onboarding
  • Supports accelerated adoption
  • Facilitates seamless interoperability

Training, Implementation and Customer Support

  • Includes training for unlimited users
  • Full implementation support in close collaboration with your HIS
  • Add-on, on-site customer support to drive adoption

200+ Hospitals  |  >3Mn Patients Served  |  OP & IP Patient-centric Solution

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BestDoc PRM Clients – Case Study

Discover how BestDoc assisted one of India’s finest multidisciplinary, super-specialty hospitals in transforming its patient experience using BestDoc’s suite of Patient Relationship Management products.

Explore how BestDoc’s unique set of hospital software solutions helped a well-known hospital in reaching its goals of digital transformation and achieving positive outcomes.

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