Patient discharge software

Let patients leave your facility with a hassle-free discharge experience through our patient discharge software

An optimised and well-coordinated discharge process creates a positive experience for patients and their families. It also helps hospitals optimise their bed capacity, provision of beds to deserving patients, and prevent exposing patients to infections. Yet, non-clinical delayed discharge is one of the common causes of prolonged hospital stays, leading to unpleasant patient experiences and loss of precious resources for hospitals. 

BestDoc Concierge supports your discharge planning, from hospital to home, by ensuring smooth coordination between different stakeholders. Our patient discharge software also enables easy access to key discharge-specific turnaround metrics to facilitate continuous improvement. 

BestDoc Concierge helps in improving the discharge process in hospitals by supporting multiple types of discharge. It offers configurable workflow processes giving you full flexibility to define the steps in discharge management as per your workflows.

patient discharge software dashboard

Make your hospital renowned for its seamless discharge planning & coordination

Greater visibility and control for patients

  • Reduce patient anxiety by providing them with a clear view of the process
  • Keep patients updated with key metrics such as expected completion time (overall and step-wise)
  • Allow patients to upload hospital documents and also make payments

Facilitate smooth interdepartmental communication

  • Automatic alerts to relevant departments after doctor’s go-ahead
  • Identify bottlenecks during the process through a smart messaging interface

Intuitive dashboards with real-time analytics

  • Single-click, patient-wise view of discharge status process
  • View key discharge-specific metrics from an intuitive dashboard

Integration with multiple HISs

  • Superior integration capability with a track record of integration with 20+ HISs and growing
  • Expedited implementation with ongoing support

Patient and staff-friendly design

  • Multilingual support to drive rapid adoption
  • Omnichannel access to discharge tracking application
  • Easy searchability of patient details by the staff

Exceptional flexibility & control

  • Configure the app as per your existing workflows without any customization
  • Role-wise access to permissions and screens and display only essential information for each role

Stakeholders benefiting from discharge workflow automation



Patient Engagement


Lead Consultant

RMO/Physician assistant




Billing team


BestDoc Concierge supports multiple types of discharge such as planned insurance discharge, planned cash discharge, STAT discharge, DAMA discharge, etc. You can easily configure BestDoc Concierge as per your discharge workflows.

 BestDoc Concierge offers intuitive dashboards with real-time analytics that provide a single-click, patient-wise view of the discharge status process. Hospitals can track the turnaround time of the discharge process at an overall as well as individual stakeholder level. They can identify patterns in delays and take corrective action.