BestDoc Hospital Workflow Management Software

Maximise workflow efficiencies and staff productivity

Patients’ expectations are constantly increasing, yet operations leaders have to manage with the same or even fewer resources. With multiple departments to manage, operations leaders must be on their toes to ensure performance metrics exceed patients’ and management’s expectations.

BestDoc’s solutions help operations leaders gain better control over hospital operations, track key metrics through intuitive dashboards, and ensure higher patient and staff satisfaction.

Streamline operations across the care journey

Key Operational Metrics Influenced by BestDoc’s Solutions

NPS Score

NPS Score

Waiting times

Waiting times


Time taken for

Front office

Front office costs

Alerts/No shows

Patient no-shows

Patient Feedback

Number of patient
feedback received

Review score

Google review score

Inpatient Request TAT

Inpatient requests TAT

Service quality

Inpatient requests
service quality

improvement arrow

Inpatient staff