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Exceptional IP Patient Service. Delivered.

Unified Patient Room & Service Ticket Management
Solution for Hospitals 

What is BestDoc Concierge?

BestDoc Concierge makes it easy for hospitals and their operations staff to provide exceptional IP patient service, while keeping costs in check. 

The solution enables patients to request & stay informed in real-time, while helping admin staff to understand who is working on the jobs, the TAT, and even get escalations for delayed jobs.

The nursing staff benefits immensely as they get to focus on medical assistance rather than coordination/communication between patients and operations staff.

How BestDoc Concierge Works

Why BestDoc Concierge?

All-in-one solution

All-in-one solution designed
for Hospitals

For patients, department staff & admins


Comprehensive escalation

Uses WhatsApp, SMS, Email

Instant onboarding

Instant Onboarding

Pre-configured Departments & Services

Auto assignmnet

Auto-assignment of jobs

Based on the availability of staff

Easy to Customize

Almost no training is required