BestDoc Ebooks

BestDoc Ebooks

Healthcare Kiosk – A Guide To Successful Implementation

Download this eBook to learn about:
  • The essentials for implementing healthcare kiosks
  • Setting a 7-step action plan for implementation
  • Common implementation related concerns and the ways to overcome them
  • Aspects to consider while choosing the right kiosks implementation partner

A Practical Guide to Evaluating a Patient Appointment Software

Download this eBook to learn about:
  • The key steps involved in evaluating a patient appointment software
  • Understanding the key features based on benefits for different user groups
  • The 9 technological considerations in software selection
  • Different types of fee structures charged by providers

An Essential Guide To Patient Scheduling

Download this eBook to learn about:
  • Ideas to make your appointment scheduling seamless
  • Tips and tricks to optimize patient scheduling
  • Ways to leverage technology to reduce scheduling inefficiencies