Connecting the Dots: Drive Patient Experience with Digitalization

Today technology has left no stone unturned in facilitating the needs of every individual. And, so is for the healthcare sector. In a few years, the concept of getting medical help exclusively at a doctor’s place will seem strikingly old-fashioned. Today, consumers of care are looking for an excellent patient experience at hospitals.

They demand easy access to care, affordable services, and high-quality treatment. But unfortunately, they face issues of medical negligence, lack of transparency, and unsystematic approach throughout their healthcare journey.

5 Essential Tips for Improving the Hospital In-patient Experience

When a patient is admitted to the hospital, they are in the most vulnerable of situations. Each gesture, design, process needs to be structured to ensure that the patient feels taken care of. In this blog, we discuss five essential tips that can improve the hospital in-patient experience.

Typically, healthcare staff would like to be empathetic and caring towards the patients. However, there are certain aspects based on the workflow that could get them overburdened and seem mechanical.

Designing Effective OPD Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Designing effective Patient satisfaction surveys is a “mechanism” of actively trying to listen to your patients’ experience. While leading operational activities at some of the corporate hospitals, I have had to grapple with understanding how to design effective patient satisfaction surveys myself. Based on my learnings, I have penned down a few aspects you might want to consider.

Two main things to focus would be Identifying what you want to know and the actual design of the OPD patient satisfaction questionnaire

Reimagining Patient Experience

The Indian healthcare industry has arguably seen the greatest paradigm change than any industry post-Covid. From having to pause elective surgeries to facing acute shortages of equipment and hospital beds, the pandemic has caused healthcare to change nearly everything about how it operates and designs patient experiences.

This article is the need of the hour for hospitals looking to adapt and evolve with the patient’s expectations. It showcases the examples of successful hospitals that have gone to great lengths to make the “patient experience” a priority.