Join Dr. Veerendra Hiremath, COO of as he interviews Katherine Kalthoff, a Patient Experience leader from the US. Katherine is the Division VP of Patient Experience at HCA Healthcare. She is also the author of her debut book “Better Than I Found It: Stories of Patient Experience and Healthcare Leadership”. 

Together they delve deep into the emerging importance of PX in healthcare, the growing role of technology in healthcare administration, and much more.

As a healthcare leader, if you want to stay updated on the latest developments in PX, and how to position your brand as a PX champion, this podcast is for you.

Duration: 33min
Published Date: 9 NOV 2022

Dr. Veerendra Hiremath (Chief Operating Officer, BestDoc)
Katherine Kalthoff (Patient Experience Leader, Author)

Majid Kazi (Content Marketing Manager, BestDoc)

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