Improve Your Patient Experience: Proven Tips for UAE’s Healthcare Leaders

A comprehensive guide to improving the patient experience and boosting hospital online reputation for UAE’s healthcare providers through actionable and proven recommendations.

improve patient experience

What To Expect Inside: An Overview Of The E-book

  • An in-depth analysis of the factors contributing to poor patient experience and negative online reviews for hospitals in the UAE, based on 450 patient reviews on Google for 20 leading hospital brands in the region
  • Impact of negative reviews on long-term sustainability and reputation of hospitals
  • Strategies to improve patient-provider relationships and communication, the role of technology in enhancing patient experience, and how to boost employee morale

The e-book nails down the three major factors leading to poor word of mouth as well as online reputation for hospitals in the UAE region.

patient satisfaction

Healthcare staff’s lack of empathy towards patients.

  • 65% of patient satisfaction is directly attributed to physician empathy, according to a study.
  • 83% of people expect empathy and support from healthcare staff regarding their struggles.
patient communication (2)

Poor and mismanaged communication lines between patients and providers.

patient waiting times.

Excruciatingly long patient waiting times.

    • Hospitals lose 50% patient base annually due to wait time frustrations.

The e-book prescribes proven strategies for hospitals in the UAE and lays down methods in granular detail for bolstering patient satisfaction index and online reputation scores. The recommendations are broadly categorized as below.

Regular training and motivation of healthcare staff for inculcating and improving essential soft skills, namely

    • Empathy
    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork

Boosting employee satisfaction and engagement and ensuring they are happy and productive.

    • Higher nurse satisfaction resulted in an 87% decrease in infection rate over two years.

Incorporation of the latest technologies and innovations to improve patient experience and minimize friction at every touchpoint.

    • 60% of patients are interested in using digital communication tools, according to a study.
    • 70% of the responding patients say they are more likely to choose a provider that offers digital communication mediums.
way to improve patient experience

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