Behind the Scenes: A Comprehensive Report on Patient and Staff Requests in Healthcare

BesDoc has analysed over 100,000 non-clinical requests raised by patients and staff using BestDoc Concierge. The report provides a comprehensive breakdown of the data on the top requests made by patients, as well as the most common interdepartmental requests made by staff.

patient and staff request in healthcare

What’s Covered in This Report?

Part I: Patient-Initiated Requests

In Part I of the report, we delve into patient-initiated requests and provide a department-wise breakup of the most common requests. You will find information on the top requests made by our patients and the turnaround time for these requests. We have also included an analysis of the average turnaround time, highlighting best-performing hospitals in this area.

One of the highlights of Part I is the success story of the drop in requests taking more than 2 hours to be fulfilled. Our partner hospital has achieved this milestone by using insights from BestDoc Concierge and implementing several measures to improve their service delivery.

Part I also features patient feedback, which provides valuable insights into their preferred channels for raising requests and the best times for them to do so. We have also included information on the growth in our partner hospitals’ food and beverage revenues.

Part II: Interdepartmental Requests

In Part II, we explore interdepartmental requests raised using BestDoc Concierge. We also provide a breakdown of the top departments for interdepartmental requests made by hospital staff. We have also included the top interdepartmental requests related to patient experience and other requests made by staff.

We invite you to read this report to gain insights into how BestDoc Concierge has helped hospitals meet their patients’ non-clinical needs.  

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