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A premier healthcare institute located in Kerala with over 3 decades of experience in healthcare services wanted to implement digital strategies to help improve its operational efficiency and patient care. With this strong focus on its goal, the Hospital partnered with BestDoc in the year 2018 to bring in a digital transformation in their healthcare system and create a world-class patient experience.

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 01 |

    To streamline the appointment booking process

 02 |

    To reduce the workload of front office staff

 03 |

     To minimize the no-show rate

 04 |

    To eliminate the long queues at the reception counters

 05 |

  To employ a digital feedback system and collect maximum patient feedback


BestDoc proposed its comprehensive suite of solutions

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The Hospital accelerated their digital transformation efforts by leveraging BestDoc’s unique set of hospital software solutions

Organising the Patient Journey

BestDoc’s PRM solution helped the hospital improve patient engagement by streamlining the process across bookings, check-ins, payments, and feedback. IVR reminder calls and SMSs significantly reduced no-shows in the hospital. BestDoc’s CXEs also facilitated rescheduling for patients who had cancelled, thus reducing the revenues lost by the hospital.

The Web widget (an easy appointment-booking option embedded at the hospital’s website) helped patients self-book their appointments. This in turn reduced the workload of the front office team at the hospital.

Automating the Patient Intake Process

BestDoc’s award-winning product BestDoc Kiosk helped the Hospital streamline the patient intake process with faster check-ins and registrations. The kiosk helped reduce patient waiting times and also resulted in front-office efficiencies. BestDoc’s Customer Experience Executives helped patients use the kiosk optimally and increased adoption.

Driving Patient Feedback

BestDoc ran IVR Feedback calls to collect patient feedback. The BestDoc CXE team identified the exact pain points faced by the patients during their visit. Those details were entered in the BD Analytics for the hospital management to review and take necessary actions.

BestDoc generated engagement reports that helped the hospital to take corrective actions, such as rescheduling bookings or converting walk-ins to teleconsultations. This also helped the client keep a track on the daily bookings, check-ins, and other necessary metrics.

Enabling Virtual Patient Care

BestDoc Connect enabled the Hospital to provide uninterrupted care even during the COVID-19 crisis. Patients readily accepted this solution and were pleased to connect with their doctors from the comfort of their homes.

Providing Timely Reports

BestDoc helped the Hospital get regular reports including:


Appointment reschedule request reports

No-show reports

Engagement reports

Feedback analytics reports

Type of Report

To help reschedule appointments taken via IVR

To facilitate the rescheduling of cancelled bookings

To keep a track of daily bookings, check-ins, IVR calls

To highlight negative feedback and guide corrective action


About the Hospital After an association with BestDoc, the Hospital witnessed

Patients checked-in using BestDoc Kiosks
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Increase in front office staff efficiency
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Reduction in No-shows
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Appointment bookings and registrations through website

An increase in Google ratings

About the Hospital

After an association with BestDoc, the Hospital witnessed It is a multi-specialty hospital dedicated to delivering value-based care to its patients. With several decades of experience, the hospital provides world-class healthcare at an affordable cost. Prioritising clinical excellence, patient safety, and patient experience, the hospital has made a profound name for itself since its inception.