20 Dec 2021

BestDoc Introduces a New Solution for Optimising Inpatient Request Management

BestDoc has launched Concierge, a new inpatient requests management solution for hospitals that significantly enhances the way in-patient care is delivered. 

Featuring a customised mobile app, the solution simplifies and improves in-patient administration workflow. Moreover, it frees up nursing staff from administrative chores, enabling them to deliver better in-patient care. 

Concierge is the newest addition to BestDoc’s suite of patient-centric solutions that have been adopted by 200+ hospitals, including some of India’s top private hospitals. BestDoc Concierge features a configurable and intuitive mobile app that allows patients and bystanders to raise requests from the bedside using QR code scans and other channels. 

“While BestDoc has always had a strong set of OP solutions for enhancing the patient experience, we would often get suggestions from our customers to develop something on the IP side. Our research highlighted major inefficiencies within in-patient request management,” explains Afsal Salu, CEO and Co-founder of BestDoc. “On average, nurses would spend 30 minutes per shift on administrative tasks, which they could have easily spent on patient care. More than 50% of administrative jobs required a follow up by heads of administration. BestDoc Concierge aims to solve these problems and makes in-patient care easier for patients, caregivers and administrators.”

Bharat Gera, Founder at Human Centric Health Ecosystem and ex-CIO at St-John’s Medical College, highlights the benefits of Concierge for both patients and hospitals. He says, “Patients receiving care at hospitals often feel neglected due to lack of immediate attention to their needs. BestDoc has created Concierge to put the inpatient and their family in charge, allowing them to request services and expect timely closure.” He adds, “Hospitals can now deliver an excellent patient experience by knowing what the patient needs and meeting their expectations using technology. Concierge empowers the hospital team to track, monitor and deliver timely services to patients.”

Dilesh Dattani, the Head of Products at BestDoc adds, “Concierge allows raising multiple types of in-patient service requests, notify staff on the floor immediately, and view performance reports. It supports various communication channels such as QR code, Call/IVRS, Whatsapp, and email. The smart workflow management system of Concierge is capable of auto-assigning requests without any manual intervention by supervisors. Hospitals can start using the tool instantly that comes loaded with pre-configured departments and services.”

With a strong focus on patient-centric solutions, BestDoc is uniquely positioned to understand the evolving needs of today’s healthcare consumers. Salu concludes, “A good in-patient care experience can give a major boost to hospitals’ online reputation, encourage referrals, and help drive re-visits. BestDoc Concierge can help patient-centric hospitals stand out in the hypercompetitive healthcare space.”

For more information on BestDoc Concierge, visit https://www.bestdocapp.com/bestdoc-concierge/

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