Hospital Success Story

Narayana Health


Narayana Health is an iconic hospital recognised for its commitment to providing world-class healthcare and excellent patient service not just in India but across the globe. It is one of India’s largest healthcare groups with 22 hospitals, 6 heart centers, 30+ medical specialties with 2.6 million patients treated every year from 78 countries.

NH aims to provide the best possible medical treatment to every patient to achieve the highest possible success rate. With a goal to constantly improve its services, NH was looking for a technology partner to streamline its patient feedback processes. Narayana Health engaged with BestDoc in the year 2021 for implementing digital strategies to identify gaps in care and provide a delightful patient experience.



01)  To increase the feedback response rate

02)  To build a closed-loop feedback collecting system

03)  To have a centralised view of patient satisfaction across the units


BestDoc offered one of its most popular solutions to Narayana Health

bestdoc surveys

BestDoc Surveys is an omni-channel patient feedback tool with advanced analytics, active call-center follow up for low ratings, and patient nudge system to improve reputation score.



PHASE 1- Changes after implementation of BestDoc Surveys

Earlier NH used to collect patient feedback manually using the conventional method. This led to a gradual decrease in the response rate due to limitations of the conventional method.

Implementation of BestDoc’s feedback solution brought many positive changes to NH Hospital. NH opted for BestDoc Surveys for 3 of its locations.

  • Post consultation, a digital feedback form was automatically sent to every patient via SMS and WhatsApp link/message
  • Patients started to actively participate in the digitised patient feedback survey which significantly increased the feedback conversion rate
  • The unique ticketing feature of BestDoc Surveys generated a ticket for any negative feedback received and escalated to the concerned department of the hospital
  • A consolidated report with graphs and charts representations was prepared to illustrate the percentage of patient satisfaction level
  • This data visualization helped NH to evaluate and identify areas of improvement


PHASE 2- Improvement after implementation

  • BestDoc Surveys support customising questionnaires and offer multi-lingual options
  • To make the whole process more impactful, BestDoc and NH team worked together to understand patient characteristics like language preferences, familiarity with technology, and other demographic factors
  • After analysing the requirements, BestDoc did multiple iterations in the questionnaire and added conditional questions to capture true feedback concerning each department
  • This ultimately helped NH get an In-depth understanding of the root causes of the issues and make an informed decision to resolve the issues in a predefined time.


After an association with BestDoc, NH noticed positive results in various aspects related to patient feedback, including:


Feedback Conversion Rate


Average Rating of All Three Locations Combined

Decrease in Daily Tickets Raised at Individual Locations


Pharmacy department


Casualty department

Decrease in Daily Tickets Raised at all Three Locations Combined


Radiology department 


Lab services and pharmacy departments


Registration department


Billing department


Overall tickets raised

The reputation management feature of BestDoc Surveys helped NH get more positive reviews and gain patient loyalty.