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Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital

L H Hiranandani Hospital Sets New Benchmarks in Patient Care by Leveraging Digital Channels for Patient Engagement – Across the Care Journey


In its constant pursuit of providing the finest healthcare experience to its patients, L H Hiranandani Hospital wanted a proven, end-to-end digital transformation solution across multiple patient touchpoints.


In July 2019, L H Hiranandani Hospital adopted BestDoc’s unique suite of Patient Relationship Management (PRM) and Telemedicine solutions. BestDoc dug deep into the challenges presented and worked closely with the team at L H Hiranandani Hospital to deliver a comprehensive set of patient-centered digital solutions.

Dr. L H hiranandani hospital


Patients, doctors, and administrators readily embraced BestDoc’s solutions, and this was visible in usage metrics across the board.


Appointments booked through website


Doctors using teleconsultations


Increase in teleconsultations


Departments served


Teleconsultations facilitated during the pandemic


L H Hiranandani Hospital wanted to establish integrated care systems to align with patient needs and demands.
They wanted to meet multiple objectives to make things easier for both patients and their staff.

Expand Their Reach Through Teleconsultations

  • Deal with a drop in in-person visits during Covid waves
  • Find an alternative to their existing teleconsultation platform
  • Improve patient experience in teleconsultations

Improve Doctor Appointment Management

  • Improve predictability of doctors’ schedules
  • Aid them to prevent missing out on appointments
  • Provide timely scheduling-related information to patients

Simplify the Appointment Booking Process

  • Add additional booking channels, in addition to call center and front desk
  • Reduce the workload of front-office staff
  • Increase the share of online bookings

Leverage the Potential of Patient Feedback

  • Improve patient feedback collection and management
  • Leverage feedback analytics for improving care


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BestDoc’s market-leading set of PRM solutions helped L H Hiranandani Hospital address the gaps in care and improve the patient experience across multiple touchpoints.

Boost Reach Through Teleconsultations

Post Covid-19, patients were reluctant to visit hospitals that resulted in a reduction of up to 75% in physical consultations. L H Hiranandani Hospital wanted to expand its outreach remotely to ensure uninterrupted care for its patients.

BestDoc’s teleconsultation solutions enabled their patients to book appointments online and connect with their care providers from the comfort of their homes. As a result, the hospital noticed a 90-95% increase in teleconsultations with 7,500+ teleconsultations facilitated during the pandemic.

Our contactless check-in solution created a safe environment for patientsand medical practice staff. BestDoc Connect was readily embraced by 350 doctors at the hospital. Our teleconsultation solution enabled doctors to keep a track of their online appointments. Additionally, doctors had easy access to patients’ medical records and had the provision of uploading the prescriptions without any hassle.

Seamless Transition to Teleconsultations

For the patients who were new to virtual consultation, BestDoc’s customer team prepped them through a mock telecall before the actual consultation with the doctor. We also created a preformed text template for prescriptions with clearly defined sections.

Patients could view the availability of doctors and get automated reminders and notifications for upcoming consultations. They could also request for refunds and receive prescriptions through SMS and email. The hospital call center could better connect with patients through automated communication.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Before BestDoc, their front office staff used to call each patient individually to book appointments, leading to a heavy workload. With BestDoc’s solutions, patients could book appointments through the hospital’s website appointment booking widget in just a few clicks. On an average, 20% of appointments were getting booked through the hospital website.

Additionally, patients were also offered online payment options for easy medical bill payments. This not just delivered a truly seamless experience to patients but also improved employee satisfaction while maximising appointment bookings.

Streamline the Approach to Track Patient Experience

Automated feedback survey forms were sent to the patients post their OP consultations. This encouraged patients to write both their concerns and appreciations about their care experience. BestDoc’s feedback solution also supported them with organising and analysing the received data in the form of reader-friendly graphs and charts.

Plus, the unique ticketing mechanism generates a ticket for every negative feedback received against the concerned department. Implementing this framework helped L H Hiranandani Hospital to identify the strengths and improvement areas in their service and make informed decisions to further improve their patient healthcare journey.

Manage Doctors’ Schedules with Ease

Deployment of BestDoc’s solution helped their doctors optimise and seamlessly manage their appointment schedules, making it more simplified and organised. With this solution, doctors were able to identify and track the status of their appointments in real-time which enabled a smoother flow of operations.


L H Hiranandani Hospital wanted to transform its relationship with patients and elevate their experience by adopting innovative digital solutions. BestDoc understood their care delivery model and identified the areas of growth in digitalisation. BestDoc’s full set of smart solutions helped L H Hiranandani Hospital solve its patient experience challenges and enhance its competitive edge in the healthcare landscape.


L H Hiranandani Hospital is a multi specialty tertiary and quaternary care hospital, founded in honor of Padma Bhushan Dr. L H Hiranandani in the year 2004. With its commitment to creating a better life for communities, L H Hiranandani Hospital has become one of the leading healthcare centers in Mumbai.

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