Serving Millions more

~10.2 Million Patient Engagements as of Dec-22
Growth of 58% over 2021
Crossed 4 Million Unique Patients Served

Excelling in Performance

32 Star Performers recognised internally

Making Inroads Into Many More Hospitals

40 New Hospitals added

Setting New Milestones

100,000+ Inpatient Requests

Achieved Within a Year of Launching BestDoc Concierge

Delighting Clients

Year-end NPS Score of 82

Getting Recognized

First Prize, Innov8 Award
Global Health Exhibition, Riyadh, KSA, Oct 2022

Runner’s Up at NASSCOM
Healthcare Innovation Challenge, 2022

Launching High-Impact Features

Reputation Management

Allowing to leverage inpatient service excellence for more positive Google reviews while minimizing negative reviews

In-patient Discharge &
Pre-admission Management

Providing massive operational efficiencies in multi-user processes like in-patient discharge, pre-admission & more

iOS app of BD Concierge

Enabling a superior user experience for millions of patients and hospital staff

Engaging Audiences In-Person & Virtually

Attended 7 major industry events
80% YoY growth in website traffic
61% YoY increase in LinkedIn followers

And Much More!

Achieved ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security

Expanded Middle East Operations