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Patient Satisfaction Surveys: An Explainer with Sample Questions

Providing a great patient experience is more important than ever for hospitals. Consequently, patient satisfaction surveys have become very important tools for measuring and improving patient experience. This blog explains patient satisfaction surveys and includes sample survey questions.

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Written By | Majid Kazi

What is a Patient Satisfaction Survey?

Several factors influence patient satisfaction, which is a complex process. For this reason, a patient satisfaction survey includes multiple questions. These questions allow patients to self-report their experience across multiple touchpoints in a hospital.

Number and Types of Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions

A patient satisfaction survey is more useful when it has the right questions. Also, a patient satisfaction survey should not include more than 10 questions. Because too many questions in a patient feedback form affect the quality of responses. This happens because patients may become impatient and lose interest. Hence, hospitals should include a manageable number of questions in a patient feedback form. This can help them attain maximum responses.

However, each hospital has its own way of designing patient feedback forms. Based on our experience, some hospitals have included 50+ questions in their patient satisfaction surveys. On the contrary, some hospitals have included less than 10 questions. 

The types of questions in a patient satisfaction survey also play an important role in influencing the quality of responses. For example, patients can process yes/no type of questions quickly as they are less subjective. However, these types of questions limit the scope for further analysis. Also, such questions may not capture patients’ true feelings.

Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions

Here are the key aspects, which hospitals should aim to cover in a patient satisfaction survey.
  • Booking an appointment
  • The admission process
  • The care given by doctors and nurses
  • Diagnostic and related services
  • Billing and discharge
  • General services (e.g. facility, canteen, etc.)

For each of the categories above, here are a few important questions that you can add to your hospital’s patient satisfaction survey. 

Appointment Process

A simple and convenient appointment booking process is a key driver of patient satisfaction. Accordingly, here are a few patient satisfaction survey questions related to booking an appointment.

  • Rate the convenience and ease of booking an appointment with your doctor
  • How easy was it to arrange an appointment with our hospital?

Admission Process

Hospitals need to standardize the admission process to streamline the patient flow and boost the patient experience. With this in mind, here are a few patient feedback form questions about the admission process.

  • How would you rate the waiting time for the admission process?
  • How well were your queries addressed at the admission center?


The experience with doctors has the greatest impact on patient satisfaction. As an illustration, here are a few patient satisfaction survey questions related to doctors:

  • How well did the doctor explain the diagnosis and treatment?
  • How would you assess the care and promptness of doctors in attending to your queries?


Nurses play a crucial part in the patient’s journey. Truly, a good nursing experience can give a big boost to patient satisfaction and vice versa. Specifically, here are a few patient feedback form questions related to nursing care.

  • How well were you informed about the treatment and medication?
  • Were you satisfied with the courtesy and compassion of the nursing staff?

Front Office

Front desk executives are the face of the hospital. As a result, they can influence patient satisfaction in multiple ways. For example, they can provide timely information to patients about admission procedures, hospital policies, the discharge process, etc.

As an illustration, here are a few questions related to front office activities that hospitals can include in a patient feedback form.

  • How would you rate the time taken for your registration?
  • Were you satisfied with communication & responses to your queries by front office staff?

Billing Department

Patients’ dissatisfaction can also arise from the hospital’s billing process. For example, most patients face difficulties with health insurance and even the overall hospital billing system.

Therefore, hospitals should include some questions related to the billing department in a patient feedback form:

  • Were your bills transparent and easily understandable?
  • How well were your insurance claims handled?
  • Were you able to pay your bills easily?


Pharmacists can improve patient satisfaction by giving the right medicines and providing adequate information. In light of this, hospitals can improve the patient experience by asking a few questions like below in their patient satisfaction surveys:

  • How well were your queries answered at the pharmacy?
  • How would you rate the billing process at the pharmacy?
  • Were the prescribed medicines available at the pharmacy?

Housekeeping Facility

Cleanliness is a basic expectation at every hospital. Therefore, questions related to cleanliness and hygiene are a must in patient satisfaction surveys. Here are a few examples of housekeeping-related questions that hospitals include in their patient feedback forms:

  • How did you find the cleanliness standard of the room and surrounding areas?
  • How often did housekeeping respond promptly to your needs?

Emergency Department

The care and attention given to patients in an emergency can significantly influence a hospital’s reputation. Keeping this in mind, here are a few questions related to the emergency department that hospitals can include in a patient feedback form.

  • Were you satisfied with the care of nurses in emergency services?
  • Rate the ease of admission procedure in the emergency department?

Radiological Services

The quality of radiological services plays a crucial role in improving patient outcomes. Consequently, hospitals can improve their patient experience by asking questions like below in their patient feedback forms:

  • Was the cost for the test informed prior to the investigation?
  • Was patient privacy maintained throughout the investigation?

Overall Satisfaction

Referrals and positive word-of-mouth marketing from existing patients help in building a loyal patient base. Hence, a patient feedback form should always include questions related to overall satisfaction. Here are some examples of such questions:

  • How likely are you to choose this hospital for your care again?
  • Your overall opinion about the services
  • If you have been treated in this hospital before, how do you rate our current service level compared to your previous experience?

Digital Patient Satisfaction Surveys are the Future

Digital Feedback

Traditionally, hospitals would conduct patient satisfaction surveys in paper form. However, paper survey forms come with several challenges, such as

  • Low engagement rates
  • The cost of using paper to the hospital and to the environment
  • Difficulty in understanding handwritten responses
  • Time-consuming

Hospitals can overcome this issue by conducting patient satisfaction surveys via patients’ preferred channels and at their convenient times. In particular, digital patient surveys provide convenience to patients and increase the overall engagement rate. Moreover, digital patient feedback forms allow for intelligent analysis and facilitate decision-making.


Hospitals can benefit a lot from well-designed and easily accessible digital patient satisfaction surveys. By leveraging the power of patient satisfaction surveys, hospitals can increase the patient retention rate and overall revenues.

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