How BestDoc Can Help

BestDoc is a new-age HealthTech startup that provides end-to-end patient-focused digital solutions to assist hospitals in achieving their patient experience and engagement goals.

Now, when the global market is striving hard for winning customer loyalty, healthcare organizations can not afford to stay behind. Along with a patient-centric mindset, hospitals need a toolkit of products that place the patient in the spotlight.

BestDoc, with its range of solutions, is currently serving more than 250 hospitals pan India and in the Middle East.

BestDoc’s solutions enable healthcare providers provide a superior patient experience at every possible touchpoint in their entire treatment journey.

The below chart depicts the journey a patient undertakes starting from the thought of visiting a hospital to finally coming back home.

Now, let’s understand how BestDoc can help streamline the above journey and make it a beautiful experience with its solutions.

This is usually the first interaction between a patient and a care provider. Patients are used to digital booking experiences in all aspects of their lives – be it booking a ticket for a bus/train/flight journey, booking a ticket for a movie or a concert, booking a table for dinner and so on. However, the healthcare appointment booking process is still outdated at many hospitals.

BestDoc’s appointment booking solutions enables both the staff and the patients to check the availability of doctors and slots in real-time and make appointments. Patients have the flexibility to book appointments through multiple channels such as the hospital website, mobile app, and OTC (over-the-counter) web bookings facilitated by hospital staff. One of BestDoc’s customers has seen 20% of their appointments getting booked through the hospital website.

Appointment booking

Healthcare setups globally are facing a challenge in the form of patient no-shows. Outpatient no-shows typically result in increased healthcare costs, underutilized medical resources, and affect patient care. Patient no-shows cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars in revenue annually.

BestDoc Practice helps healthcare setups reduce patient no-shows by sending appointment reminders through a variety of communication channels, including e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or IVR. Patients can even complete pre-registration or reschedule digitally if required. As per the Solutionreach research, 81% of hospitals utilizing PRM software have recorded a no-show rate of 10% or less compared to earlier 10-30%1. Similarly, a 50% reduction in no-shows is observed because of effective communication through e-mail/SMS/WhatsApp. Again, one of BestDoc’s clients has witnessed 20% decline in advance-appointment no-shows.

The solution can also be used to push notifications to the patient about slot availability, diagnostic reports, instructions to be followed before a diagnosis, upcoming health check-up camps, etc.

Appointment booking

When the patient arrives at the hospital, BestDoc Kiosk can help automate the check-in and registration process without any dependence on front office staff. A research article published in PMC shows that the average time taken for manual patient registration is 17.2 mins2. With the adoption of the kiosk, this time can be reduced to a meager 2.5 mins.

Apart from check-in and registration BestDoc Kiosks are loaded with intelligent, user-friendly features like appointment booking, feedback collection, and payment options. It helps hospitals automate their patient intake, feedback, and payment processes thus boosting the efficiency of staff by 10-15%.

Appointment booking

For an ailing patient nothing can be more annoying than waiting in long queues and delayed appointments resulting in poor patient experience. From registering as a patient to consulting a doctor, a patient would stand in multiple queues, unaware of when their turn would come. This can be easily avoided using a queue management system, thereby providing a better experience. It is equally frustrating for the front staff to manage long outpatient queues. Queue management solution can come in handy to manage the patient flow thereby increasing efficiency and adding value to services.

BestDoc Queue offers a total range of queuing solutions from simple queuing tools at pharmacy, lab, radiology, etc. to smarter solutions at OPDs and even advanced intelligent solutions to control the entire patient journey.

Appointment booking

Digital payment has replaced cash as the primary mode of payment. Per latest research, 41% of consumers choose to pay online compared to 26% in cash payments. Despite hospitals facilitating digital payments, there are some issues patients often face during hospital visits viz incompatibility in modes of payment accepted, dearth of cashiers, long waiting times for making payments etc.

BestDoc Pay enables contactless digital payment to be made by anyone, anytime and anywhere. BestDoc Pay offers app-based and link-based digital payment solutions, supports both OP and IP payments, helps view bills using registered mobile number or hospital ID and allows top-up for IP payments. This secure and convenient solution can be used to make payments for booking lab tests, buying medicines, registration etc at the hospital.

Appointment booking

Patients requiring follow-up need not visit hospital physically everytime. Instead, they can access healthcare remotely from the comfort of their homes while saving on travel time using teleconsultation solution.

A robust teleconsultation solution provides patients, doctors, and administrators with an intuitive, secure, and reliable experience. Booking appointments, rescheduling, cancelling, consulting, uploading documents, payments, and feedback are just a few of the processes that can be done with the application.

BestDoc Connect is an all-in-one teleconsultation software that covers the entire teleconsultation journey, providing unparalleled ease-of-use and security to users. It is also compliant with local Telemedicine guidelines


Feedback from patients is crucial to establishing a credible healthcare organization which strives to keep patients satisfied. It is extremely important to get a true understanding of the patients’ needs in order to accomplish this. Based on our experience of working with 200+ hospitals,we have seen around 30% response to feedback requests and around 5% negative feedback, which can be reduced by taking necessary measures based on feedback. Asking feedback also makes the patient feel important.

Powered by a strong data analytics engine, BestDoc Surveys is an omni-channel patient feedback collection tool to get the true voice of patients and present it to the management. It helps the patient relationship management team take informed decisions and rapid corrective actions with actionable data. Most importantly, these surveys assist in identifying gaps in care delivery early on and aids in continuous quality improvement. They also help in online reputation management by directing patients with favorable ratings to the company’s Google reviews page automatically.

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Research shows that more than 65% of patient complaints at healthcare systems relate to non-clinical aspects such as administrative issues and poor staff-patient relationships. BestDoc has a solution to provide an outstanding experience to In-Patients too with BestDoc Concierge.

This SaaS based solution is loaded with activity and performance tracking tools and reports allowing administrators to track in-patient request redressal at each step while getting a bird’s eye view of the staff operations. With BestDoc Concierge, patients, bystanders, visitors, nurses or administrative staff can raise request for multiple types of non-clinical issues including housekeeping, food and beverages, IT requests, discharge management, and much more. The requests can be raised instantly and easily via multiple channels such as QR code scan, web app, service desk, and SMS/Whatsapp (via weblinks). This solution makes staff more productive and responsible and allows administrators to stay informed in real-time, identify inefficiencies, and take corrective action.

BestDoc Concierge is a one-stop solution to provide exceptionally good IP patient services at all times while attaining operational efficiencies.

Appointment booking


With a focus on data, insights and operational excellence, BestDoc aims at providing healthcare organizations with world-class patient-centric solutions, so that they can focus on what’s most important – delivering outstanding care and outcomes.