Self-Service Kiosks: Modernizing Patient Experience & More

A self-service kiosk has become a regular fixture in many businesses of every size. Whether at an airport, supermarkets, the hospitality sector, banking or healthcare, this system makes things easier for both customers and businesses.

The ability of self-service kiosks to simplify processes for patients and administrators offers great potential to the healthcare industry. In this blog, we discuss the importance of healthcare kiosks, their working, their benefits and overcoming adoption concerns.

On premise tablet PCs – Rethinking patient satisfaction surveys

To measure care quality at hospitals, the need for distributing patient satisfaction surveys is rising. So is the need for multiple channels to collect feedback from patients.

Healthcare providers can choose from various channels when planning the right strategy to send patient satisfaction surveys. These channels include SMS, WhatsApp, Email, tablets, etc.

7 Digital Channels For Collecting Patient Feedback Explained

According to a 2018 study, 93% of patients expect hospitals to use digital tools when interacting with them. The patient satisfaction survey process is a key interaction between hospitals and patients.

Today, hospitals can conduct patient satisfaction surveys through various means. Technology has made it easy to distribute patient satisfaction surveys and maximize responses. Here are the 7 main digital channels for patient satisfaction surveys and the pros and cons of each.

10 Incredible Benefits of Digital Patient Feedback System

As per a 2019 survey by Ernst & Young, 59% of patients felt that hospitals had no concern for patient feedback. To fight this perception, hospitals should regularly collect and analyze patient feedback.

In the post COVID-19 world, people have embraced digitization much more than before. Hospitals can take advantage of this behavioral shift by setting up a digital patient feedback system to listen to the voice of patients.