PRM – An Essential Ally to Your HIS

From being primarily used as financial systems in the 1970s, today’s HISs have come a long way. They include diverse modules, such as clinical, financial, laboratory, inpatient, outpatient, operation theatre, materials, nursing, pharmaceutical, radiology, pathology, etc.

A common question is why should a hospital invest in a PRM solution if they already have a HIS solution. In this article, we explain how a patient relationship management (PRM) solution complements a HIS solution.

Designing effective patient IPD satisfaction surveys

In a whitepaper published by HBR on “Improving the Patient Experience” studies suggest that a good patient experience can lead to better patient outcomes. The paper argues that patients form an opinion about every interaction at the hospital, right from booking an appointment to the comfort provided at the healthcare facility.

And a good patient experience is more likely to make them trust the medical advice received, and eventually follow it. This is perhaps the most compelling reason for healthcare organisations to work hard and improve the patient experience.

Designing Effective OPD Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Designing effective Patient satisfaction surveys is a “mechanism” of actively trying to listen to your patients’ experience. While leading operational activities at some of the corporate hospitals, I have had to grapple with understanding how to design effective patient satisfaction surveys myself. Based on my learnings, I have penned down a few aspects you might want to consider.

Two main things to focus would be Identifying what you want to know and the actual design of the OPD patient satisfaction questionnaire